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How to Manage Personal Finances

A month’s salary just hitchhiked past. Nearly half the salary was used up to pay debts. If two ‘phenomenon’ is often recur mean something is wrong with how to manage our finances. One of the things that makes our finances … Continue reading Continue reading

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Business Transfer Stages from Offline to Online

Offline businesses are increasingly depressed because of the changing shopping trends that are shifting to the online world. Digital transactions that continue to grow make it easier for consumers to get the desired item without having to bother going out … Continue reading

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Learn More about Management in Business: Definitions, Functions, and Elements

In running a business, a person needs to explore the science of management. It is this business management that can help you manage and run your business correctly and precisely in order to reach the set targets. Without this, your … Continue reading

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This Is the Difference Between Financial Statements of Trading, Service and Manufacturing Companies

In any industry, whether it is a trading company, service, or manufacture, certainly has various departments with their specific tasks. In plain view, these departments appear to have no dependence on each other. However, in recording financial statements, in the … Continue reading

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The Importance of Employee Mobile Applications for Today’s Companies

Today, the trend of mobile working has become increasingly popular since the internet can be easily accessed. Smartphones are not only used for communication purposes, but also for work purposes. In addition, employee mobile application development is also becoming increasingly … Continue reading

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Planning & Components in Business Management You Need to Know

Business is an activity that can provide many benefits for anyone who can do business management well. So what is the understanding of business management? And what strategies should be implemented to start a business? Let’s look at the information … Continue reading

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Financial Ratio: Know the Benefits of the Coverage Ratio

Coverage Ratio (Coverage) is a Financial Ratio used to measure a company’s ability to pay its liabilities. At a glance, the Coverage Ratio might sound very similar to the Liquidity and Solvability Ratio. However, there are actually differences with these … Continue reading

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Important Role in the Advancement of Online QQ Sites

When joining in a poker website To be sure you want to meet with an agent, but do you know if an agent has an important role in the progress of a site About this because agents have a role … Continue reading

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Financial Ratios for Assessing Capital Structure Decisions

When analyzing financial health and growth potential of a company, one of the business owners and investors depends on the value of the Financial Ratio. And of course what you are looking for is the Financial Ratio that shows how … Continue reading

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Factors Causing Bankruptcy Companies to Know

According to the Trade Financial Encyclopedia, bankruptcy is a situation where a person who is declared bankrupt and whose assets or inheritance is declared to pay off debt. Whereas according to the Bankruptcy Law, it can be interpreted as a … Continue reading

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