The Importance of Employee Mobile Applications for Today’s Companies

Today, the trend of mobile working has become increasingly popular since the internet can be easily accessed. Smartphones are not only used for communication purposes, but also for work purposes. In addition, employee mobile application development is also becoming increasingly well-known in corporate circles. With application development, managers and CEOs can monitor all company conditions anytime and anywhere efficiently. That is why every company must ensure its company supports mobile access for employees, and provides optimal employee communication.

Building Application Systems According to Company Needs

In general, every company must also develop the system by building applications according to the needs of the company. Both application development is done in-house and using external IT vendor services. There are things that need to be ensured so that the application development can run well and the company’s losses due to process inefficiencies can be minimized.

1. The main purpose of the application. Make sure the application goals are clearly defined, to determine the application development requirements and what needs to be prepared.

2. Technology to be used. After determining the purpose of application development, the next step is to decide what technology to use. This depends on the application to be developed. Will the application be specifically designed for mobile, desktop only, or both? Make sure your company uses appropriate technology and can maximize the functionality of your application.

3. Selection of developers, whether resource or vendor. If you decide to use an external vendor, you must make a comparison by making a tender or pitching to find out the market price and the quality needed. Also make sure to make work transparency agreements from the start so as not to be fooled by the vendor, and to avoid data leakage.

4. Software / System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), is a planning model used in project management, which can describe the stages involved in information system development projects. Starting from the concept and initial feasibility study to application maintenance that has been completed. Implementing SDLC in the development of this application will greatly assist the development and sustainability of the application functions.

5. The documentation on the application must be made in accordance with the application that was built and always updated for further application development. Usually, the process of data documentation becomes a forgotten thing for developers who only focus on building applications. In fact, it is very important to be able to create integration between applications so as not to experience a difficult process in the future. For example, the difficulty in finding data stored in the application database.

Creating a Mobile Communication Strategy

Here are some things to consider when creating a mobile communication strategy that needs to be understood:

1. Especially in large companies, where employees can be in many different countries and time zones, the process of direct communication will be a difficult thing to do. An easily accessible employee mobile application can unite messages from your entire company. Because everyone uses the same application regardless of geographical boundaries or time zoning.

2. Teaching new employees in a long way is of course boring and confusing. When new employees start contributing to the company, the mobile application will simplify the process and provide a new first impression to the new employee.

3. Using a mobile application is a good recruitment strategy. You can find and get employees more easily. In addition, the application can also bring the company to a new culture to enhance the recruitment experience. You as a recruiter can use an existing application, then the application can introduce your company to job seekers to find your company easily on the internet.

MySleekr Employee Mobile Application

Sleekr provides a mobile feature called MySleekr that can provide HR management solutions for thousands of companies in Indonesia. With the MySleekr employee mobile application, all company employees can do attendance anytime and anywhere, apply for leave, claim to see the pay slip data through their respective smartphones. Submission of leave and claims becomes very practical and easy, as is the approval. With MySleekr, every employee can update their data without the need to open a laptop or computer. Now, MySleekr can be downloaded via Google PlayStore and AppStore. It’s good if your company registers for free first to use this Sleekr application.

For companies that want to attract and retain younger employees, of course they must make employee mobile application-based communication a priority. Without a mature and optimal mobile communication strategy, the company will lag behind other companies. At present, the development of mobile applications specifically for productivity is still a favorite choice aimed at various things. Starting from the means to report the work of employees, attendance, and management of a project. Try Sleekr’s HR software now and see how to Sleekr will provide a lot of convenience and benefits for your company.

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